Update on Dehradun Ashram

Update on Dehradun Ashram

You should not jump into conclusions before verifying facts. At least listen to other side of story of what really happened. General Sab was and is a saint. We all love and honor him. Unnecessary false cunning story is being floated for selfish purposes. If General wanted we could have given entire ashram. Nephew wants to cut and divide the ashram. He organises to harass us by sending police, his hooligans attack ashram resident women.

This was a Government municipality action in which we have no hands. Nephew is reason. Few years ago he got measured the place with a cunning ulterior motive to cut and take away property. When he was supplying alcohol, people had started asking us, we hear that alcohol is available in the ashram. When we requested not to do all this, he shows vengeance. Last years he would not allow us to meet General Sab to tell truth of our side. Anybody is welcome to come and verify facts.

May you be blessed by Swamiji.

Ram Ram


I am Colonel Rana, public relations officer of Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj Trust Dehradun, submitting the following for your notice and better understanding of the situation regarding guesthouse in the Ashram premises being sealed where General used to live and do his sadhana. Ashram residents, Trustees and devotees all have very high regard for Lt. Gen. Hanut Singh. They all consider him a great saint and had never had any problem with him. Sathyendra Singh of It is duly informed that Nagar Nigam officers came and sealed the premises where Gen Hanut Singhji used to reside and took away the keys. Keys were not at all given to any resident of Ashram.

Also Nripendra Singh has installed a statue of the General on the terrace of the guest house and claiming it to be a war memorial to gain sympathy. Nripendra himself had organized measuring of land in 2013 through Municipality with the idea of troubling ashram as on Nigam land, whereas Nagar Nigam found out that, the cottage where Gen Hanut Singh was living, was standing on Nagar Nigam land and not the Ashram. The then city Magistrate in his report to Government had written because Lt Gen Hanut Singh is a noble, war veteran decorated and hence government should allow him to live peacefully and after Gen Hanut Singh’s passing away Nagar Nigam need to takeover the place where cottage of Gen Hanut Singh situated. This was conveyed to Gen Hanut Singh and he agreed. Based on this report only Nagar Nigam came and Nripendra could not present any papers regarding Lt Gen Hanut Singh’s cottage and they sealed the premises. In fact Nripendra has given a statement in the court that land belongs to Nagar Nigam. Now Nripendra for his personal gains to usurp property is dragging Lt Gen Hanut Singh’s name.

Thanking you,

For Shri Shivabalayogi Maharaj Trust Dehradun
Col HRS Rana (Retd)
Public Relations Officer
Ph: 7830620000
Email: harirajsinghrana@yahoo.com

Posted on: August 14, 2018 SBY Trust